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Attorneys and Document Examiners:

The types of documents that require verification of authorship cover a wide range.  some of the most common documents are promissory notes, titles, insurance forms, time sheets prescriptions, checks and anonymous letters.

Anonymous letters are the most interesting and challenging. Handwritten documents, printed documents, typewritten documents, magazine cut out letters and wall writings lead to a solution if other factors are available. Time and location  where the note is  found is most useful to determine the author. In school situations seating charts and time can narrow possible suspects down from hundreds to a few possibilities. In factories time and location are also important to be able to narrow the possible number of suspects to a reasonable number.  If a page of writing is available often times it is possible to give a profile of the writer. Sex, age level, educational level, race and physical disabilities can sometimes be determined with certain degrees of validity. Profiles can sometimes be all that is needed to narrow the number of suspects to a reasonable level.

Forgeries require a number of standards of comparison to determine the variability of the writer and the writer's identifiers. The more standards of comparison you have the better.

Normally, you may call a Document Examiner, free of charge, to see if you have enough materials to determine authenticity. Some cases do not lend themselves to using a Document Examiner because of cost or adequate materials not being available.  In other cases it is the only way to go.

Public Defenders and assigned counsel are normally restrained by the fees they are allowed to pay for expert services. And sometimes, Document Examiners will adjust their fees, depending on the nature of the case, so that justice may be served.  All it takes is a phone call.

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